Travis Springsteen hired as Senior Vice President of North American Sales


Travis Springsteen has joined AEP as Senior Vice President of Sales for North America. In this role, he will oversee B2B revenue generation throughout North America by driving better integration and alignment among all revenue-related functions.

Prior to joining AEP, Springsteen was most recently the Vice President of Sales and Store Operations for OMNIPARTS Automotive, where he helped lead this startup business within Nissan Motor Limited with significant early revenue growth. Before OMNIPARTS, he was Vice President of Sales for Interamerican Motor Corporation (IMC). At IMC, he led a significant sales transformation effort while growing sales almost 30 percent over four years.

Springsteen brings more than 20 years of experience as a proven sales leader in aftermarket parts at OMNIPARTS, IMC, XL Parts and O’Reilly Auto Parts. He has led sales transformation and leadership development efforts to build strong competitive teams that deliver above market growth while creating performance cultures.